I Have Helped Hundreds of People Avoid A DWI Conviction in Fort Bend County

An arrest for DWI has serious consequences that can last a lifetime. You need a lawyer experienced in handling DWI litigation. DWI Defense attorney Anthony R. Segura is that lawyer. Mr. Segura is knowledgeable, aggressive, professional and a zealous advocate with a proven track record for obtaining favorable results for his clients in high stakes cases. Mr. Segura attributes his success to hard work, dedication and a duty to his clients, “I realize that clients come to my office in a time of need. When someone entrusts me with their case, I take that responsibility very seriously. Their freedom, reputation and livelihood may be on the line. Each client deserves my best and that is what I strive to deliver.”

Drink, Drive, Go to Jail:
A Police Mindset that Puts Sober People Behind Bars

You are probably familiar with the slogan “Drink, Drive, Go to Jail.” It is an ad campaign sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation. TXDot’s website proclaims “if you drink and drive you’re going to jail.” In Fort Bend County, that is a true statement. Police routinely arrest people simply because the person consumed alcohol before driving. The problem is that such a policy is a violation of constitutional rights. The law is clear. It is not a crime to drive a car after consuming alcohol, so long as the consumption does not result in intoxication. Moreover, the law recognizes that mere consumption of an alcoholic beverage does not give police, or anyone else, reasonable suspicion to believe that a person is intoxicated. Yet the arrests continue. Law enforcement officers have been trained to enforce the law of “Drink, Drive, Go to Jail.” They are conditioned to believe that every person with the odor of alcohol on his breath is intoxicated and a danger to the public. This results in not only wrongful arrests, but unjust convictions as well. That is where I can help.

Experienced Fort Bend County DWI Defense
I Have Helped Hundreds of People Arrested for DWI

My practice is devoted to the defense of persons charged with intoxication offenses in Fort Bend County, Texas. During the last few years I have helped hundreds of people arrested for DWI. I earned my reputation in the courtroom where I vigorously challenge the prosecution’s evidence and contest the State’s ability to meet the constitutional burden of proof. My litigation skills have enabled me to obtain outstanding results for my clients. Perhaps the greatest measure of success is the steady stream of referrals I receive from clients, lawyers, judges, prosecutors and even police officers. I am ready to help you as well.

DWI is a highly technical area of law. It is for this reason that I devote my practice to the defense of intoxication offenses, including DWI, Felony DWI, DUI, Driving While Intoxicated with Child Passenger, Intoxication Manslaughter and Intoxication Assault.

One Arrest May Result in Three Cases

One of the first things you need to understand is that a single arrest for DWI may result in three separate and individual cases. In Fort Bend County, each case will be assigned to a separate court and will proceed with a different judge. The cases are as follows:

1. Criminal case – the issue will be whether the crime of DWI has been committed;
2. Administrative case – in this proceeding DPS will attempt to suspend your driver’s license; and
3. Civil case – if your license is suspended as a result of either the criminal or administrative case, a judge may grant you the ability to drive during the period of suspension by way of an occupational driver’s license.

As part of our comprehensive DWI representation, my office handles all three cases for a single fee.