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Can You Get a Prescription Drug DWI?

Posted on : December 26, 2019
The term DWI, or “driving while intoxicated,” is typically associated with alcohol impairment. However, DWI charges are not limited only to alcohol as a source of intoxication. Prescription drug DWIs are becoming more common in Texas, begging the question — can you get arrested for driving after taking medicine prescribed to you? Here’s what you [Read More]

If I’m Arrested for a DWI, What Information Do I Have to Give Police?

Posted on : November 25, 2019
Were You Arrested For Driving While Intoxicated? If you’re arrested for driving while intoxicated, there’s certain information that you must provide to law enforcement officers. However, many people misunderstand exactly what they have to disclose and what is voluntary information that may be used against them. Here’s what you need to know about your rights [Read More]

What Is a DWI Sentence Enhancement?

Posted on : September 27, 2019
Criminal Conviction Suspension in Sugarland, TX
If you were arrested for driving while intoxicated, you may be charged with other crimes as well depending on the circumstances. These are often called sentence enhancements, which usually means that you stand to incur greater penalties. Here’s what you need to know.    Child Endangerment Charges    If you were arrested for a DWI [Read More]

What Is a DWI Arraignment?

Posted on : August 30, 2019
If you’re arrested for drunk driving, you’ll have to appear at an arraignment. Here’s what you can expect at a DWI arraignment and how to get help defending your rights under Texas law.    DWI Arraignment Basics    Essentially, a DWI arraignment is the first court appearance after being arrested for drinking and driving. This [Read More]

What Happens In a Texas DWI Arrest?

Posted on : July 31, 2019
Protect Your Rights During A DUI Arrest A DWI arrest is something most people don’t expect when they get behind the wheel of their car, but if you’re charged with a crime, knowing what to do next can be a lifesaver. Here’s what to expect during a Texas DWI arrest and how to get help [Read More]

What Are Common Charges That Accompany a DWI?

Posted on : June 29, 2019
If you’re stopped on suspicion of drinking and driving, you may be charged with something else, too. Here’s what you need to know about the common charges that often go along with DWI charges.  Open Container In Texas Like most other states, you cannot have an open container of alcohol in the cab of your [Read More]

Do You Have to Take a Roadside Sobriety Test in Texas?

Posted on : May 28, 2019
Sugarland Texas, Alcohol Breath Test
If an officer pulls you over because they believe you may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you’ll likely be asked to perform field sobriety tests, often called roadside sobriety tests. Here’s what you should understand about sobriety tests and if you have the right under Texas law to say no.  What [Read More]

What Happens with My Third DWI or a Subsequent Offense?

Posted on : April 28, 2019
Attorney For Third DWI In Fort Bend, Texas
Multiple DWI Offenses No one wants to see those flashing blue lights in the rearview mirror. But your anxiety can get even worse if you have already been tried and convicted for a previous DWI. No doubt that you have questions and concerns if this is a third DWI or even one beyond that in [Read More]

What’s the Real Cost of a Texas DWI?

Posted on : March 30, 2019
Attorney For DWI Charges In Fort Bend, Texas
DWI Charges: What You Need To Know To Financially Prepare Yourself Your first thought after a Texas DWI could be how much it might cost to pay your fines. There are other costs for not only defending your charges with the help of a lawyer but also in possible issues if you end up convicted. [Read More]

What Happens After my Third DWI in Texas?

Posted on : February 22, 2019
Attorney For Fortbend DWI Charges in Sugar Land
Multiple DWI Convictions In Texas Being arrested and convicted for any crime more than once has the potential to cast a shadow over your reputation and your future. It’s hard to argue that a mistake was made in your DWI case in Texas if you’ve already been convicted twice before, which makes it more important [Read More]