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What Our Clients Say

Posted on : March 31, 2017

I can not express the gratitude that I feel for all that Mr. Segura has done for not only my husband but for our entire family. My husband was charged with a second DWI in 2014 (his first offense was over 20 years ago). During our initial consultation it was very apparent that Mr. Anthony Segura was the right Attorney for the case. He is very genuine and upfront, always informing us of the best and worst possibilities. He does not candy coat the situation with unrealistic expectations and takes the time to make sure we understood all outcomes. Admittedly he is a very busy attorney (comes with being the best) yet he alway answered our calls. On the rare occasion when he was unavailable Mr. Segura would respond to our correspondences the same day. Although I pray we never need his services again, it is of much comfort knowing he will be there if need be. Again I can’t thank Mr. Segura enough for defending my husband and having his charges reduced from a 2nd DWI to a traffic ticket. In short I most definitely recommend Mr. Segura 100%.


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