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What Our Clients Say

Posted on : March 24, 2017

I hired Mr. Segura after reading all of the reviews about him and meeting with him in his office. From day one it was all about me. He answered every phone call, email and text. Most within 1 hour of me sending them. He kept me up to date with the status of my case the whole time. I was very confident about his decision to take my case to trial. During the trial he handled himself very professionally. He knew DUI laws better than anyone in the courtroom. He respectfully questioned all witnesses yet still backed them into their own corners. Several times throughout the trial I noticed other attorneys sitting in just to watch him work. More than once I was told “you hired the best in the business”. They were absolutely correct. The situation I had gotten myself into seemed as if there was no good way out. What I walked out of the courtroom with was an acquittal. His work and attention to detail resulted in the charges being dropped completely. The jury never had the opportunity to decide on a verdict. Upon polling the jury after the Judges decision, all 6 returned a not guilty. I wouldn’t recommend any other Attorney for a DUI case. He definitely lives up to his word and proves it in the courtroom where it really counts.


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