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Posted on : May 6, 2017

Trial started on 3/31/15 and went through 4/2/15. Had an accident on 6/28/2012 and arrested for DWI. Had several issues occurring which Anthony Segura was persistent with the DA and Judge to make sure my evidence of my medical conditions and personal life( widowed in July 2011) was heard by the Jury. Typically the legal system doesn’t want the Defense to have any evidence while the Prosecutor can have the worst evidence,the jury is not allowed to take notes nor see the court report of the witnesses nor testimonies. Anthony shredded the proseutor’s evidence, testimonies, ad witnesses. Nothing the prosecutor showed or said proved anything. I testified by mutual decision and it was compelling. I wish I had Anthony before my license was suspended but told by my Bond person didn’t need an Attorney until I appeared before the Judge. I ca’t thank Anthony enough. A great person and superior defense attorney. I recommend him without reservation. Call or email me if you are in doubt about his competency or endorsement. Thank you, Laureen


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